New Show Elbow Room on HGTV!

I’m beyond ecstatic!!! After four seasons of Designed to Sell and four more of Curb Appeal: The Block, I got my own show on HGTV! We filmed the pilot of Elbow Room back in July then got the green light for the entire first season late last fall. We are filming here in Atlanta and wrapping up the last couple episodes. We’ve worked really hard and I could not be more pleased with the makeovers or my team!

Elbow Room will air Saturdays at 1:00 on HGTV, premiering May 12. Get out the “On TV” tab to learn more about Elbow Room.

Be sure to “LIKE” Elbow Room’s Facebook page. There’s you’ll find air dates, casting info, crew bios, great sneak peaks, and fun behind the scenes pics! You can also follow the show on Twitter: @HGTVelbowroom

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