My B’ laster Aha! Moments

Being in television for over 10 years and working on thousands of custom projects has forced me to gravitate towards products and processes that help me get the results I need.  My name is Chip Wade; I am a Mechanical Engineer turned designer.  I get to create one of a kind, amazing and functional installations and furnishings for homes and businesses.   Whether it be a set of furniture that rotates from the inside to the outside of a house, or a custom glass Ping-Pong table that folds into a piece of wall art, what drives us is the fun and functional.

I am a perfectionist, as you could imagine, so having my shop stocked and ready with the right tools is mandatory for me to move at a brisk pace.  I have little patience for products that don’t work like me, quick and efficient.  The layout and accessibility of the right tool for the job is also extremely important.   I have found success in my home shop by organizing my power tools and hand tools, with my most utilized tools hung with easy access on a wall, not in a drawer.   I also have several smaller, easily carry-able tool bags filled with multiples of items I need all over the place.  Items like measuring tools, a line laser, carpenter’s square, pens and pencils, various pliers and wrenches, a good knife, quality exterior tape and some multipurpose lubricant.  

There are a lot of options out there for lubricants, but I have found that B’laster lubricants get the job done, for the first time.  I usually keep the B’laster Multi-Purpose Lubricant around the house for easy hinge squeak fixes, and for keeping all my hand tools in perfect working condition.  If your garage door makes too much noise, the B’laster Garage Door Lubricant is the ideal fix for squeaky springs, wheels, hinges and tracks.  For my sticky window tracks I use the Industrial Strength Silicon Lubricant.  It provides an easy slide with no residue.  It also works on all my sliding doors.  


The workshop is where I like to spend most of my time actively working on projects.  The B’laster Dry Lube with Teflon is easily sprayed on my saw blades to keep them flowing effortlessly through lots of heavy stock – and believe me, I cut a lot of lumber!  In fact, one of my latest projects consisted of an outdoor pavilion, tree pod and playhouse made of over 15,000 individual machined blocks!  That’s enough to put any product through its paces.  Terrell1

In honor of great products and hard work, we are doing a giveaway of some B’laster  products!  On October 18th, I will be randomly selecting 2 winners from the comments below, so make sure you tell me your favorite ways to use B’LASTER products around your home for a chance to win a B’laster prize pack!

 “Tell me your favorite way to use Blaster products around your home for a chance to win a Blaster prize pack!” 

The successful completion of custom projects is what drives me every day.  The ping pong table I referenced earlier also had some significant machining I had to do to get the large piece of aluminum hardware manufactured.  I used B’laster Lubricants to keep my bit running effortlessly through 1” thick aluminum flanges the day before the reveal.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 9.33.23 AM

Having the right tools that are in the right place is one of the first things anyone can do to ensure better results – and remember, it’s about more than just quality power tools, make sure everything down to the lubricants you use are going to get the job done right on the first try!

*I received compensation from B’laster in exchange for writing this blog post*


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